What is SmartRecycle?

What is it?

Have you EVER been confused about what to put in recycling? compost? or most or all, trash? Well SmartRecycle solves this problem! with machine learning technology, it is able to differentiate your recyclables, compost, and trash! And best of all, it is completly free to use and is extremely accesible! All you have to do is search us up on the app store and download the app!


Why is this important?

Of 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste, only 9% is recycled. That is about 5.7 billion tons of plastic that could be recycled but are thrown away due to ignorance of knowing what to recycle. If we could create a way for people to be able to easily know whether something is recyclable, we would be able to significantly increase the percentage recycled thus reducing the amount of plastic pollution. This allows us to stop pollution at its roots before it happens.

recycling image


Neel Redkar

Hi! I am Neel Redkar and I developed SmartRecycle! I created the CoreML and AutoML model as well as the python backend! YOu can visit my GitHub as well as my GitLab accout, (both Hacker719)